Customized Solutions for Lenders

Distressed Asset Services

Sentinel provides a single-source solution for lenders who need to complete, work out or dispose of their REO assets. Whether the property simply needs effective and efficient management, minor or moderate rehabilitation/repositioning or the completion of significant ground-up development, our team is able to step in at any point.

The combination of Sentinel’s development and asset/property management teams enables us to readily establish and execute a disposition plan that maximizes the project value and limits our clients’ liabilities. Our engagement also provides lenders and servicers with a single point of contact throughout the process and eliminates duplication of fees.

  • Scenario Analysis and Development of Disposition Plan
  • Market Analysis
  • Budgeting and Reforecasting, including CapEx Requirements and Operating Budget
  • Development Services: Construction and Project Management [see below]
  • Property & Asset Management [see below]
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Site Inspections
  • Obtain and Maintain Insurance as Required in the Loan Documents
  • Maintain Current Property Taxes
  • Evaluation of Existing Vendor Contracts for Potential Expense Savings
  • Engagement of Third Party Vendors/Consultants for Operating and Construction Needs
  • Broker Engagement and Coordination (Leasing and Disposition)
  • Monitoring and Support of Marketing Efforts
  • Provide Functional and Administrative Support During Disposition Process
In certain cases, Sentinel is also willing to be a capital partner in the repositioning or rehabilitation of assets.

Development Services

Sentinel has the resources and experience necessary to step into a project at any point in its development, and we are capable of changing course as necessary to maximize asset value and/or facilitate quick execution. We understand construction from the perspectives of both an owner and a contractor, allowing us to anticipate and solve problems before they impact the schedule and cost of a project. This skillset also enables us to evaluate work done to date and adjust accordingly based on the business plan. In addition to performing as a third party service provider, we also partner with our clients on certain development opportunities or investment funds as the deal sponsor or as part of our compensation to further align our interests with the investor.

Ground-up Projects and Small Rehabilitation/Repositioning Work
  • Due diligence support and analysis

  • Cost estimates, budgeting and reporting

  • Design development and project approval

  • Value engineering

  • Ongoing contract oversight and compliance

  • Construction and project management

  • Disposition support

Asset & Property Management

Sentinel can assist in developing and implementing a business plan that makes sense given current market and project conditions. As real estate professionals with both development and operating expertise, our team is able to evaluate the true status of the project and provide accurate budgets and projections in alignment with the disposition plan. Concurrently, we have on-the-ground resources to manage the property, along with a seasoned management team to ensure execution of the business plan and identify any adjustments that may be necessary due to shifting conditions or information.

We offer a wide range of asset and property management services from which we can create a customized solution for each of our clients. Some of our services include:

  • Property business plan development
  • Identification and implementation of best management practices
  • Evaluation of cost-savings opportunities
  • Forecasts and budget preparation
  • Quarterly Asset Reports, valuations and other investor reports
  • Appraisal coordination and review
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Building maintenance
  • Lease administration
  • Customer service
  • Vendor, tenant and property insurance tracking
  • Construction management
  • Marketing
  • Broker coordination (leasing and disposition)
  • Service contract negotiation and administration
  • Emergency/Disaster planning
  • Tax payments and appeals