Brisbane, CA

2 buildings: 63,000 SF and 89,000 SF

Project History

The property is comprised of two buildings located within the Sierra Point Office Complex in the south San Francisco market, immediately adjacent to the San Francisco Bay and with immediate access to the Bay Trail. The 7000 Marina Blvd building was constructed in 1986 by the Dakin family as their world headquarters. The building was designed by renowned architect Theodore Brown and received an AIA design excellence award for its unique design and use of architectural features to bring light to the interior of the building. 5000 Marina Blvd was constructed in 2001 as an accessory building to the 7000 building.

Project Description

Each building received a core and shell renovation of all building systems and portions of their exterior skins. Key elements of the project scope included:

  • Replacement of exterior glass exterior paneling to allow for improved interior light and views.
  • Restoration of existing terra cotta exterior paneling.
  • Complete demolition of existing core improvements.
  • Expanded lobbies and interior lobby renovations.
  • Removal of existing fireproofing of structural steel and exposure of existing structure.
  • Core systems replacement and construction of market ready restrooms.
  • New observation deck overlooking San Francisco Bay.
  • Roof top deck renovation
  • Landscape renovation for campus feel between buildings.